• More available charge

    Longer battery life and driving range

  • Faster charging

    In 20 mins or less

  • Peace of mind

    Long lasting lifespan

  • Safety always

    Hundreds of daily safety checks

Upgrading Your Experience for 5G 

5G smartphones demand up to 50% more power over LTE.  Yet manufacturers must provide users with an all-day battery and a two-year lifespan. Improving battery materials is not sufficient to safely meet these needs. Qnovo’s intelligent battery management software extends the charge available to the user and keeps the battery healthy. Upgrade to 5G and upgrade your battery experience too.

An Experience EV Drivers Demand

Extended driving range and superfast charging are important for electric vehicles. Auto manufacturers recognize that getting there will require intelligent battery management systems. Qnovo’s proven software solutions enable more available charge for a longer range and superfast charging that does not damage the battery.  That’s a driving experience that ought to be standard for all electric vehicles.

Safety Always. Peace of Mind

Battery safety incidents have unfortunately been too frequent. This must change. We have invested many years to make battery safety far better. Our solutions predictively find hazardous batteries long before they risk becoming a safety problem. Qnovo’s battery management software improves safety by 100x. That's a peace of mind that protects your brand.

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