03Feb 2015

You are mobile. You travel. You own a smartphone, a tablet, and a laptop. You are always on the lookout for a power outlet that is not used by a competitor, i.e., another mobile traveler like you. You hate compromise. You need fast charging in each of your mobile devices but until now, all you had were promises. 

You can now travel with a fully powered office in a backpack. One that can hold your mobile devices and charge them multiple times. And if your office runs out of battery juice, refill it in minutes with Qnovo’s fast charging technology + never compromise your battery’s longevity. This is quality that you should expect! No compromise, no lies, no cheating.

So if you want one of these neat backpacks and like to support innovation, get it here at Indiegogo.  You can get this entire backpack from AMPL and take your office with you for only $225. Or you can get a kick-ass charging booster for only $49 with 5,000 mAh of battery capacity enough to charge your iPhone three times in a row. And when you need to charge your booster, you won’t need to wait for long. This booster charges at a phenomenal 1C charge rate, which means you will go from a low battery level (20% charge) to a high charge level of 75% in less than 30 minutes. That’s 2X or 3X faster than what you will see anywhere today. That also means you can get enough charge in your booster to recharge an iPhone 6 battery in less than 20 minutes! This is mobility that totally frees you from the wall socket!

And if you are ever in doubt about the charge time and the longevity of your battery, here’s some real measured data on its performance. Unlike others, we are straightforward about the high quality that we deliver. No tricks, no cheating! You get what you are promised and what you expected when you purchased the product. 

This first curve shows the actual charge time for the battery. Zero to 50% in 30 minutes. Zero to 80% in a little over 45 minutes. At the 80% charge level (or state of charge), the booster battery holds 4,000 mAh, enough to recharge an iPhone 6 twice and more.

This second graph shows the longevity (or cycle life) of the battery. You will charge your battery over 500 hundred times (cycles) before the battery loses a mere 10% of its available charge capacity (the blue curve). If you were to do the same fast charging using conventional CCCV charging, then the result would be disastrous: Only 100 cycles, or a couple of months of operation before you declare your battery wasted and needing replacement (that’s the green curve in this chart).

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