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QNS and QNI - Qnovo's battery management software products

Consumer benefits of QNS and QNI

Fast charging causes damage hence significantly reducing the battery's lifespan. Qnovo battery management software monitors internal chemical processes and optimizes the rate and degree of charging, enabling batteries to last longer when fast charging. QNS and QNI work seamlessly across all wired and wireless charging protocols, including Qualcomm's Quick Charge and newer Dual Charge technology, MediaTek Pump Express, and USB-PD standard.

Consumers want more capacity and daily use from their 5G smartphones. Qnovo battery management software enables high energy-density batteries using higher voltage LCO cathodes operating at a maximum voltage of 4.47 V and anodes containing silicon. Our algorithms support energy densities exceeding 700 Wh/l, increasingly common with smartphone batteries with capacities above 5,000 mAh.

As devices get thinner, batteries must meet even stricter swelling tolerances. Our software controls the battery's physical swelling across wide operating temperatures and conditions. Our customers benefit from the freedom to design ultra-thin, folding, and flexible phones possible without sacrificing capacity, lifespan and fast charging.

Provide a superior battery experience with a longer lifespan and more daily use. Our customers can provide extended warranty without additional cost. Our battery longevity over millions of smartphones in the field is up to 2x higher. Users enjoy a better battery experience and more uptime after 2 years of usage.

The formation of dendrites is irreversible and can lead to internal electrical shorts and the risk of fire. Qnovo battery management software performs diagnostic safety checks thousands of times each charge cycle looking for signatures of dendrite formation, manufacturing, and mechanical defects and make timely adjustments to current and voltage to mitigate any potential safety risk.

Qnovo battery management software performs safety checks thousands of times each charge cycle to spot and address hazardous batteries before they become a safety risk. It compensates for the battery's operating conditions, internal structural changes, and degradation from aging, allowing batteries to operate safely across a wide operating temperature.

Qnovo battery management software enables the battery to operate safely under a wide range of conditions and temperatures from 0 °C to 50 °C.

Qnovo battery management software monitors in real time internal processes and provides an accurate assessment of the battery’s chemical health. Predictive models anticipate failure and alert before an explosion or fire occurs.

Qnovo battery management software identifies fake replica batteries that are not certified for a given device, and alerts OEMs.

Qnovo battery management software normalizes lifespan performance across batteries of different types and vendors. End users enjoy the same level of battery performance and safety regardless of the battery supplier. This enables our customers to source batteries from multiple vendors to lower their costs and reduce supply chain risk.

Explore the Qnovo battery analytics cloud platform features

Network operator benefits of the Qnovo battery analytics cloud platform

Qnovo battery analytics predict safety issues long in advance, providing an early warning to the operator. Network operators have sufficient time to take unsafe devices out of service. The safety dashboard provides a global view of rare yet faulty batteries that demand immediate action.

Qnovo battery analytics provide accurate battery condition - health, safety, cycle life, and usage conditions to customer care teams to facilitate remote diagnosis of device problems. OEMs and network operators can rapidly resolve user complains and reduce expensive in-person store visits.

Improper operation, poor smartphone design and specifications, and user abuse can all lead to battery faults. These fault signatures are detected, and alerts are sent to the battery analytics cloud platform before they become failures. This platform aggregates predictive safety over large smartphones in the network to improve fault monitoring capabilities.

Qnovo's battery analytics cloud platform uses the battery's internal chemical health to classify the assets into excellent, good, fair, and poor, providing operators tools to identify the rate risky smartphones and reduce the risk of costly wide recalls.

Our product suite is built with user privacy first. Our products are deployed with global network operators after fulfilling rigorous privacy compliance required to run on consumer devices.

The security of the data is our top priority. All raw battery data is encrypted and stored on the smartphone, accessible only with your permission. All sensitive information is anonymized before it is shared with the battery analytics cloud platform. With data and intelligence on the smartphone, our analytics cloud operates with only a few kilobytes of data shared by the smartphone.

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