Yearly Archives: 2017

23Jun 2017

Fast charging is a common feature of most modern smartphones. In a few more years, it may become a standard feature for electric vehicles too. Yet, asking a consumer how long it would take to charge their device will most likely result in a confused answer. Even tech-savvy engineers will find it more challenging to […]

04May 2017

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away smartphones used primitive energy sources called batteries  that users could easily replace. Then came the Apple iPhone and made it difficult to swap out the battery. Batteries failed too often and even caught fire. Users got upset. But the labels on the batteries stayed the same. […]

21Apr 2017

T’is the season of new smartphone releases. The Samsung S8 is here and the drums are beating loud ahead of the much anticipated Apple iPhone 8 (or Edition, or whatever they will call it). These devices and their makers clearly tout their performance features: faster processors, better camera, pretty displays, more memory….etc. But for this […]

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