Yearly Archives: 2015

23Jan 2015

Our Silicon Valley newspaper, the San Jose Mercury News, published this morning an article on the all-known battery blues. We have heard this story before. Your battery runs out before your day is out. The paper quotes Prof. K.M. Abraham, from the Center for Renewable Energy Technology at Northeastern University in Boston, saying that the […]

20Jan 2015

We have seen time and time again: the consumers’ #1 priority is the battery. That’s right, not 4K video, not 40Mpixel cameras, or a power button to operate with your middle finger…it’s the battery. So let’s see how the leading models of 2014 fared on battery life. I put side by side the iPhone 6 […]

14Jan 2015

What does the new iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy A7, Huawei Ascend P6 have in common? First, they are amongst the thinnest mobile smartphones ever made. The iPhone is 6.9 mm. The A7 is a mere 6.3 mm and the P6 comes in at a paper-thin 6.2 mm. Thickness, or lack thereof, does make these devices […]