Yearly Archives: 2015

10Aug 2015

Elon Musks’ Gigafactory comes on line in 2017 to build some 35 GWh annually worth of batteries for Tesla. Thirty-five giga….that sounds like a big number. But wait, thirty-five gigabytes is a small capacity for your disk drive. So let’s put things in perspective in this post. Tesla’s Gigafactory should be capable of producing by […]

02Aug 2015

A statement of this devilish nature during the middle ages would have earned its author a burning at the stake. The mere notion of a “battery” would have probably been in the realm of druids and witches, and reviving anything dead would have been…well, enough said, it is the 21st century. I will digress today […]

08Jul 2015

One of the most recognizable electric vehicles on the road, the Nissan Leaf, has a battery capacity of 24 kWh. It has a rated driving range of nearly 80 miles, about ⅓ that of the Tesla Model S. It is therefore not surprising that its battery capacity is also nearly ⅓ that of the Tesla’s […]

30Jun 2015

That is 3,000 mAh….this is the battery capacity that consumers will see in most mid-tier to high-end mobile smartphones for the foreseeable future. Why? It’s simple, this is the capacity that gives consumers an honest full day of operation. This begs a first question: what is an honest full day? no one really knows since […]