Yearly Archives: 2015

23Oct 2015

Ah, we could talk for hours about James Bond’s 1964 Aston Martin DB5.  Aston Martin remains an iconic luxury brand, one of the last vestiges of British automotive style. So fast forward to 2015, the age of electric cars and Teslas: Aston Martin just announced its plan for the RapidE, a fully electric Aston Martin […]

22Sep 2015

Pause for a second and wonder why electric vehicles have frustratingly limited driving ranges? or why your smartphone lasts only for a few limited hours instead of an entire month? Yet, a good ol’ combustion-engine car can go for hundreds of miles without a problem. This is the manifestation of energy density. Let’s talk about […]

16Sep 2015

There were several releases in the last day covering fast charging, and in particular, Qualcomm’s evolution of its power delivery mechanism called Quick Charge 3.0. This is quite exciting because it elevates the power delivery — i.e., the circuitry that delivers the high current from the wall socket to your smartphone — to a new […]

14Aug 2015

Not yours, of course….the smartphone’s waist. We see a race among the smartphone makers to go thin. The iPhone 6 Plus is 6.9 mm thick and it is already been outflanked by some new devices coming from China. In particular, the Oppo R5 boasts a thickness of only 4.85 mm, and the Vivo X5 Max […]