Yearly Archives: 2014

08Nov 2014

The cost of today’s lithium ion battery constitutes a very large fraction of the total cost of electric vehicles, and a very visible portion of the total BOM (bill of materials) cost for a mobile device. It is estimated that the battery pack for a Chevy Volt costs nearly $10,000. That’s nearly 25% of the […]

05Nov 2014

That is of a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, of course….We all know that lead-acid batteries, the type you have under your hood, tend to be of a standard size, but lithium-ion batteries can come in a multitude of packaging and shapes. One of the most common misconceptions is that polymer batteries are different. In fact, they […]

04Nov 2014

There is a little icon on a top corner of your mobile device that reads a percentage value corresponding to the fraction that your battery is full — this fraction is known as state of charge (SoC). The little charge measurement instrument is embedded in the mobile device and is called a battery fuel gauge. […]

03Nov 2014

By now you are familiar with the limitations of a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. There are three parameters that I have covered so far that describe the general performance of a lithium-ion battery. They are energy density (which dictates capacity), charge rate (which dictates charge times), and cycle life (which dictates warranty). Without the use of […]

29Oct 2014

You probably suspected that temperature swings are not good for your lithium-ion battery. But what is the extent of the damage, and what are the temperature limits that one should attempt to follow? This is the subject of today’s post. If you were to review a specification sheet for a lithium-ion battery, it most often […]