Monthly Archives: October 2014

29Oct 2014

You probably suspected that temperature swings are not good for your lithium-ion battery. But what is the extent of the damage, and what are the temperature limits that one should attempt to follow? This is the subject of today’s post. If you were to review a specification sheet for a lithium-ion battery, it most often […]

27Oct 2014

I wrote in a previous post that the standard for a dead battery — at which point it should be replaced — is 80% of its original capacity as a newly manufactured battery. Why is that? Is this a random value or is it based on a valid rationale? At the surface of it, this question […]

22Oct 2014

The new iPad Air 2 is a beauty, isn’t it? At 6.1 mm thick, it is nearly feather light. The new iPhone 6 is 6.9 mm. The Android competition is not far behind. The race to make ultra thin smartphones and tablets is on. Thin is in…but certainly not easy! One very important design parameter […]