Monthly Archives: September 2014

23Sep 2014

I love my electric vehicle, or EV, as we affectionately call our electric cars here in California. I love that it is quiet. I love its fast pickup from a stop. I love that it requires practically zero service: no oil change; no transmission service; no timing belts. Of course, I love too that it […]

22Sep 2014

I talked about capacity, cycle life, tricks of the industry….today, I will distill it down to some simple thoughts for you to keep in mind when you are ready to select your next mobile device or smartphone. In particular, today’s writing is about selecting a device with the proper battery capacity that can last you […]

21Sep 2014

Several years back, as we were doing our initial fundraising round for Qnovo, lithium-ion batteries were the craze! A123 had just gone public at an insane valuation. Gas prices were through the roof and GM announced the all-exciting electric Chevy Volt. Tesla Motors had their Roadster and was promising the then new Model S. Promises […]