Monthly Archives: September 2014

29Sep 2014

CCC…what? Yes, it is a mouthful and it stands for “constant current constant voltage.” It is presently the charging approach used for lithium ion batteries. As I indicated earlier, it was invented in the 19th century for charging lead-acid batteries, and somehow it became the default charging methodology for present-day lithium-ion batteries. This is what […]

28Sep 2014

No, it is not “Batteries Made Simple,” nor “Better Make Sense,” though BMS do indeed try to accomplish both in a very indirect and implicit way. BMS stands for Battery Management Systems. These are electronic systems, both hardware and software, whose primary function is to control the operation of the battery. In order for batteries, […]

27Sep 2014

Today’s post takes us on a brief journey inside a lithium-ion battery. What is its internal structure and how does it actually store electrical energy? Let’s first start with a capacitor…the kind of stuff you studied in high school physics. It has two plates separated by an insulator, for example, an air gap, or may […]

26Sep 2014

Did you know that the first battery was invented in 1791 by Volta using alternating zinc and copper plates? Did you know that the first rechargeable lead-acid battery was invented in 1859?  It remains to date used in automobiles worldwide and is one of the least expensive methods to store electrical energy. Did you know […]